Welcome to Appraisalytics! We offer a better approach to appraisal management. In most cases, AMCs accomplish little more than to serve as middlemen between mortgage lenders and appraisers. While appraiser independence is vital, we acknowledge appraisers as subject matter experts and have built our business to honor everyone involved – lenders, appraisers, and borrowers. Unlike most AMCs, our process involves licensed staff appraisers working at the first level of engagement. We anticipate and solve problems before they become escalations that bog down, or prevent altogether, the desired outcomes. Our name is intended to acknowledge appraisers for being the most reliable source of real property valuation, while ‘ytics’ highlights our leverage of data, technology, and progressive business practices. When ordering an appraisal from Appraisalytics, you will experience transparency, technical competency, and integrity at every point of service. We guarantee it!

My firm provided appraisal services for Bank of America while Mark was a District Manager at the bank.

Mark has excellent management skills and is very knowledgeable regarding property appraisal techniques and internal banking processes.

Thomas Linsin, Linsin & Associates

Mark is very knowledgeable in his field and provides a professional product while providing outstanding customer service.

Lisa Nichelson, President/CEO, Community Bank of Pleasant Hill

It is so great to work with a team that is knowledgeable in all aspects of the appraisal business. Running your own appraisal business can be complicated at times, so it is nice to work with a team that helps rather than complicates. Appraisalytics has always been fair and professional, while at the same time bringing a personal touch, which is what I look for in a business relationship.

Kyle Biggs, Biggs Appraisal Services

Appraisalytics is a good management company that always looks out for us as appraisers, helping appraisers produce a better product for the lenders. If a unique situation presents itself, they are there to bounce ideas off since the owners are also experienced appraisers. There are fewer annoying notifications in comparison to competing management companies.  The staff is always friendly and easy to work with.

Sharolynn Myers, Sharolynn Myers Appraisal Services