Traditional Appraisals

Together, we are informed by more than 50 years of collective experience. Our team of staff and network appraisers complete hundreds of residential appraisals each year, including residential mortgage appraisals for conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA mortgages. We don’t pick and choose or shy away from complex assignments.

Our commercial reports are exceptionally well-supported, and yet, concise to the extent appropriate. We possess a solid grasp of valuation fundamentals, which is tested daily by the broad range of appraisals performed.

Modern Appraisals

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Beginning in 2022, some residential mortgage appraisals will be limited to a desktop analysis by appraisers, aided by property information provided by occupants, real estate agents, and data collection professionals. Appraisers will soon be able to broaden their geographic coverage beyond their desired driving radius, which will lessen the problem of an appraiser shortage in outer lying areas. Additionally, a host of technological advancements are adding efficiencies to our daily appraisal practice. At Appraisalytics, we are FOR such changes and embrace the movement of appraisal modernization. We have even developed a proprietary algorithm, AutoMate, which produces fast and affordable desktop appraisals for the HELOC space. Contact us for a sample of our work.


Our commercial production group is centrally located to function as a specialized team. Our process flow places experienced appraisers on site, while depending on full-time analysts who perform research, verification, data entry, and quality enhancement functions. As a team, we produce quality appraisals faster than our competition. In fact, we guarantee our service levels and proactively discount if we miss the mark.

Collaterallink, LLC

As a division of Collaterallink, LLC, we are able to support our lending clients in many ways. We are able to place assignments with staff appraisers, network partners, and third-party vendors throughout the states where we operate. We can document AIR compliance, enhance quality control, generate SSRs, pay appraisers, integrate with your LOS, and generally, make life easier for community and mortgage lenders. Call for more information.


Appraisers are not limited to producing value. We are perfectly situated to provide the following ancillary services: Real Estate Photography; Drone Photography; Residential & Commercial Floorplans; Property Condition Inspections; and Property Protection Services.

Our development of the FieldTech division is aligned with our goal of providing clients with the range of services that they need.