Real Property Experts

Our assembled team performs property data collection and valuation services for a broad range of property types including residential, multifamily, commercial, industrial, hospitality, mixed-use, special-purpose, subdivision, and land/agricultural.

Our base of clients includes, but is certainly not limited to, lenders, attorneys, trust fiduciaries, accountants, government agencies, investors, and private individuals. In addition to providing well-supported traditional appraisals, we are engaging new technologies to produce faster/data-driven valuations for a variety of uses. We embrace the many changes that are transforming the appraisal profession and harnessing change for all involved.

Harnessing change for all involved

You may have noticed that our logo doubles as the symbol for Delta, which means change in mathematics. We are committed to appraisal modernization, automation in valuation, and field technology innovation. Equally, we are focused on growth through our mentoring of the next generation of appraisers.